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MAY 9 2012 & MAY 10 2012

Wednesday & Thursday
May 9 - 10, 2012

Mountain View Grand Resort
Whitefield, NH

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“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths making our weaknesses irrelevant.”

— Peter Drucker

Wednesday, May 9th Agenda
7:00 am

Registration ~ Continental Breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome / Opening Comments

Scott Isabelle, Chair, Primex3 Board of Trustees
Ty Gagne, Primex3 Chief Executive Officer
9:15 am

General Session


Capt. Karen Baetzel
Good crews know how to talk to each other. Good leaders know how to communicate. Likewise, poor communication guarantees poor results. Captain Karen Baetzel, USN (retired), one of the Navy's most senior female aviators and nationally sought after leadership expert, will explore lessons on effective leadership communication. Leveraging 34 years of operational aviation and corporate experience, Karen will offer skills and training that work as well in the office and the executive suite as they work in the cockpit. Expect to think, laugh, and be challenged with unconventional wisdom, straight talk and an immediate tool kit from "The Battle Axe".

10:30 am


10:45 am

Concurrent Sessions (Please choose one)


Primex3 Staff - Mike Ricker, Esq; Tammy Denver; Dave Witham; Rick Alpers; and Robert Barry
Sit back and watch the drama unfold as Primex3 Claims and Legal Staff brief members of a Select Board about a recreation trip that ended all too poorly. In this program attendees will explore best practices of a claim that has property, liability and workers' compensation implications. The program seeks to provide attendees with a nuts and bolts approach to identifying risks and in the overall management of a claim to limit its losses and will shed light on proactive claims and risk management practices as they relate to the claim at hand.


Amanda Moore, Assist. Director of Human Resources, City of Concord; Mary Beth Lufkin, Dean of Enrollment Management, Granite State College. Panelists: Timothy King, Police Detective, Concord Police Patrolmen's Assoc. (CPPA); David Florence, Parking Manager, Concord Police Supervisors Assoc. Representative (CPSA); Guy Newbery, Battalion Chief, Concord Fire Officers Assoc. (CFOA)
Learn to use the approach of Appreciative Inquiry in your organization as a collaborative, cross-functional, problem-solving strategy. Practically applied, the City of Concord will share its success story of their Health Benefits Review Team (HBRT). In this time of economic and legislative uncertainty, the process of Appreciative Inquiry has allowed the City of Concord to successfully collaborate in a labor management environment to make far reaching and impactful benefit decisions that are outside of contract negotiations. With health care reform's ever-changing evolution, having the flexibility to reach consensus on benefit management is critical to maintaining compliance.

Internet & Social Networking in the Workplace

Deputy Chief of Police Corey MacDonald, Esq., Chief of Detectives for the City of Portsmouth and former Commander for the state of New Hampshire's internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force will discuss the risk implications of the internet and social media in the workplace and provide strategies for effective management of these resources.
12:15 pm

Luncheon / Wednesday's Prize Drawings

1:30 pm


1:45 pm

Concurrent Sessions (Please choose one)

Hiring for Success - Tips for a Successful Recruitment and Retention Process

Alan Gould, MRI and Rick Alpers, Primex3 Member Services Consultant
One measure of a good leader is the ability to surround him or herself with the "right" people. This presentation will focus on hiring and selection practices that will help you to staff your organization with the "right" people. The proper screening and selection process will help to ensure that the people you hire are aligned with the mission, needs and culture of the organization.


Capt. Cory MacDonald, Esq., Portsmouth Police Department
When not well managed, the use of the internet and social media in the workplace exposes an organization to numerous risks that may damage the organization ? breach of confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and misuse of public resources, to name a few. Captain Corey MacDonald, Esq., Chief of Detectives for the City of Portsmouth and Commander for the state of New Hampshire's Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force will discuss the risk implications of the internet and social media in the workplace and provide strategies for effective management of these resources. (This session will be also held in the morning)


Fred H. Brennan, Head Team Physician, UNH; Glenn Riefenstahl, ATC, UNH
The medical and science information on concussions has changed by leaps and bounds in recent years. What your doctor told you even just two years ago doesn't apply anymore. There are approximately 3.8 million sports and recreation-related concussions that occur annually and most are sustained by children and youths aged 5-18. While New Hampshire has yet to enact legislation requiring concussion education, reporting and medical clearance like 37 other states we can still be proactive in protecting the health of a child's brain so that both the child's brain and you win out. Hear from medical experts, experience on-field trainers and integration professionals in this information packed, life saving panel discussion.

3:15 pm

Free Time / MAC Meeting

5:30 pm


6:30 pm

Dinner & Evening Entertainment


Rob Peck, Juggler and Motivational Speaker
To truly excel, leaders and teams have to juggle more responsibilities than ever. The best way to ensure we don't take our eye off the ball, nor lose track of the big picture, is to stay aligned with our core values. Keeping all the balls in the air isn't about all work and no play. No way! Alignment helps us work smarter not harder (and do more with less), by pooling resources, and playing to people's strengths. Aligning lightens the load, and links unity and integrity in a way that makes our deeds match our creeds. We're all jugglers, and a healthy life balance — that combines a spirit of fun with a sense of purpose — brings out the best in us all!

Thursday, May 10th Agenda
6:00 am

Wake-Up Walk

7:00 am

Registration ~ Hot Breakfast Buffet

9:00 am

Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:15 am

Concurrent Sessions (Please choose one)


Steve Norton, Executive Director for the NH Center for Public Policy Studies
Steve will discuss the changing demographics, the condition of our economy and how it affects the ability of our public entities to provide services to residents. Considering the significant number of Baby Boomers in the workforce who will be retiring (or not), what are the implications for NH's public entity workforce? How does this play out in the next decade and beyond as it relates to retention, recruitment and succession planning? What appropriate strategies would help manage the changes?


Ken Norton and Deborah Karr-Francis, National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI)
A recently released report indicates that 1 in 5 Americans have a mental illness. Many people with mental illnesses receive effective treatment and have full and productive lives. Some individuals remain undiagnosed and untreated and their symptoms can present challenges when trying to interact with them. The first half of the presentation will give an overview of mental illness and suggestions for how to communicate effectively with individuals who are in crisis. The second half will feature Deb Karr-Francis who coordinates NAMI NH's In Our Own Voice program. Deb will talk about her personal experience with mental illness and her journey of recovery. A questions and answer session will follow.


Dave Kurz, Chief of Police, Durham; Kate Yerkes, Director of Public Affairs, Granite State College; and Bob Barry, Primex3 Education and Training Consultant
Today's public entity leaders need to be prepared to respond rapidly to various levels of crisis. This session will discuss how to build a communications plan that will build a positive reputation during good times and mitigate negative press during challenging situations.

11:45 am


1:00 pm

General Session


Capt. Larry Brudnicki
Captain Brudnicki commanded the Coast Guard Ship that performed two dramatic rescues during the worst weather in more than 100 years, which became known as "The Perfect Storm" and inspired the NY Times Best-selling book and the blockbuster movie starring George Clooney. Against the backdrop of "The Perfect Storm," this keynote provides the perfect balance between inspiration and application. Learn how courage and leadership helped him not only survive, but succeed in the hostile environment of the storm of the century. The audience will see the 7 Steps in action along with examples of the courage, leadership, and teamwork that are necessary to triumph in an uncertain climate. Through practical lessons learned from his experiences, the audience will acquire powerful tools to turn their vision into reality by creating the change they need to be successful even in the most difficult circumstances.

2:30 pm

Closing Remarks / Thursday's Prize Drawings