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MAY 9 2012 & MAY 10 2012

Wednesday & Thursday
May 9 - 10, 2012

Mountain View Grand Resort
Whitefield, NH

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“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths making our weaknesses irrelevant.”

— Peter Drucker

Primex 2012 Annual Conference : Lead. Align. Enact. Strength in Unity

LEAD. Leadership means inspiring other people to be successful at whatever they do and knowing how to steer a team in a way that is most beneficial to that organization. Leaders make hard choices and provide stability during times of indecision. They know how and when to let others shine and cultivate the potential in people to grow and be successful. Leaders help create environments where those potentials can be fully realized.

ALIGN. Aligning an organization is vital to its success and aligning people to a common vision is paramount in that success. This alignment, consistent with an organization's vision and core values, helps bring strength and stability to the common goal. Leaders can braid the skills of many into a solid rope of strength. Where there is strength in unity, there is solid progress.

ENACT. To enact means to put into practice. Not just having the idea, but using traction to turn a vision into reality. Being able to act and create the change you need, can be the difference between success and disappointment.

Lead. Align. Enact. These three simple words can initiate effective growth or change. The 2012 Primex3 Annual Conference will provide tools that encourage you to lead, align, and enact. We invite you to align with not just your coworkers, but with similar entities that share a common goal. Exchanging resources, successful practices/policies, and information can be beneficial for all. Let the Primex3 Annual Conference be the link that guides you in that direction.

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