Sep. 8, 2022

9:00am - 12:00pm

Grappone Conference Center

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In this fun, interactive session, participants will learn their character strengths including their "signature strengths" and how to "strength spot".  When you discover your strengths, you learn how to use them to handle stress and challenges, become happier, and improve outcomes for you and the people around you. 

  • pam garramone

    Pam Garramone, M.Ed.

    Pam Garramone, M.Ed., is an award-winning speaker who presents positive psychology - the science of happiness - to students, educators, and corporate and community employees.

    Through professional training and meaningful personal practices, Pam has found that the smallest changes make the biggest difference. You can truly become happier through the development of a new mindset and simple yet powerful exercises. Pam has shared her insights with thousands of stressed out and over-burdened youth and adults who have learned that feeling happier is simple when you practice happiness habits. 

    In addition to being an in-demand speaker, Pam is a positive psychology life coach and author of  Be, Happier.   



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