Managing your risk begins with the right coverage

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Property & Liability

Extensive and comprehensive coverage designed for NH public entities for all your property, liability, and employment-related needs. Primex³ not only provides you the protection you need, but also the training, Legal and HR services you can use to reverse any rising trends.

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Workers’ Compensation

An injured worker is more than just a claim number. They’re a member of your team. We meet face-to-face with injured workers and give them the tools to get them healthy, back to work, and back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

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Unemployment Compensation

Primex³ offers members cost-effective coverage and the expertise they need to manage claims. There’s no need to worry about paperwork or appeals. Primex³ has you covered.

We serve the public sector of New Hampshire

With nearly 40 years of experience, Primex3 has seen a lot. Many of our employees have prior public sector experience and we carry certifications from the Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRiP) and other organizations. Primex3 offers the skills you need to efficiently process and manage these claims.

Top 12 Ways the Primex3 Pooled Coverage Protects You

  • 1

    Our coverage is designed for you. Primex³ is a Not-For-Profit Public Entity Risk Pool that understands the needs of New Hampshire's cities, towns, school districts, counties, village districts, and other governmental entities, focusing exclusively on coverage to protect public sector entities.

  • 2

    Returns of surplus. Operating surplus is determined through an annual audit and returned to coverage program participants, effectively lowering coverage costs.

  • 3

    We won’t abandon you. We weather through hard losses together. You won’t have your coverage cancelled just because you had a tough year, or a few challenging claims. Pooling is about covering losses and helping you to manage future risks together.

  • 4

    Trained experienced staff. A team of highly qualified pooling professionals in Claims, Risk Management, Member Services, Law Enforcement, and Legal & Human Resources have many years of experience to help you manage your risks.

  • 5

    No surprises. Primex3 offers clear coverage and in-house employees who can assist with claims and coverage questions. Our property and automobile deductible is $1,000 per occurrence. The vehicle windshield replacement deductible is only $100. There is NO deductible for liability and cybersecurity claims.

  • 6

    Proven training. Education and training services are available at no additional cost to members at your location, through our website, or at our Concord facility. Approximately 60% of our building now consists of state-of-the art, flexible training and meeting space. This includes upgraded technology to allow for simultaneous in-person, remote, and hybrid trainings and meetings.

  • 7

    Legal and HR Services. Human Resources & Legal consultation services are available at no cost. Primex³ staff can provide guidance and assistance on many employment, contract, and public entity liability matters in an effort to prevent and mitigate claims.

  • 8

    Strong coverages. Primex³ coverages are designed for the NH local government sector and include workers’ compensation, property, general liability, employment practices and benefits liability, law enforcement, public officials' and educators’ legal liability, public officials’ bonds, crime, cyber-liability, and volunteer medical accident coverage.

  • 9

    No sweating the small changes. We provide automatic coverage for most of your properties. We request scheduling only as needed for reinsurance purposes, and your contribution does not change when exposures are added mid-year. Property that needs to be scheduled can easily be added or deleted anytime by you through our secure portal.

  • 10

    Cybersecurity support. We have Risk Management Consultants and Legal experts ready to help you better understand and navigate this ever-evolving exposure. Resources such as the Cybersecurity Portal, tailored onsite or virtual employee training sessions, cybersecurity plan and policy creation, and third-party vendor contract reviews are all included with your membership in our Property & Liability program.

  • 11

    Member Admin training tool. This training tool allows key personnel to monitor your staff’s trainings. As a Member Admin, you create new training accounts for employees, manage existing employee accounts, assign trainings, track training progress, and populate reports related to employee training records...all through the Primex3 website.

  • 12

    Stronger together. A pooled risk management program is a unique system set up to help you and other local governmental entities meet your coverage needs together in an affordable and efficient way. You are entitled to all of the statutory and common law immunities and protections afforded under NH law. Pooling also means rate stability through fair and equitable pricing that fosters long-term member commitment.