We’re here to help you create a safer workplace and protect you when the unexpected happens.

  • Risk Management Training and Consulting

    Primex3 is committed to working with you to develop long-term solutions to the unique risk management issues you face. The Risk Management Team has developed customized programs targeted to address the specific safety needs of our municipal, county, and school district members and their employees. From field-based trainings conducted at your location, to comprehensive hands-on programs, to one-on-one consulting services, the Primex3 Risk Management Team stands ready to help you manage your risks. Each year, Primex3 trains thousands of employees in the public sector, from construction road crews to school administrators. Sessions are available at your work location, at our state-of-the-art training facility in Concord, or through our website.

    Consulting Services

    Primex3 Risk Management Consultants provide consulting services to help members develop a risk management plan of action addressing major areas of loss. These services are tailored to the need of each individual member and may include an analysis of past losses and action plans and benchmarks designed to improve member performance and provide safer work environments for all. Additionally, we can assist members with maximizing the effectiveness of their Joint Loss Management Committees (JLMCs).

    PRIME3 Program

    If improvement and maintaining performance is as important to you as it is to Primex3, consider the PRIME3 program. PRIME3 is a set of ten Risk Management Best Practices designed to assist members in better performance by establishing a "risk management culture".

    Facility and Playground Assessments 

    Primex3 works with members to identify and address physical hazards in the workplace by conducting facility assessments and working with the member to develop plans to eliminate these hazards. Additionally, Primex3 Risk Management Consultants are certified by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) as playground safety inspectors and are ready to help members with their playground safety standards. Whether assessing an existing playground or working with a member to plan the safe installation of new playground equipment, our consultants stand ready to help members with this value added service.

    Ergonomic Evaluations

    Setting up your workstation to fit your physical stature and your work can make your job easier and reduce stress on your body. In fact, employees report greater job satisfaction and less stress when they are physically comfortable doing their jobs. Primex3 Risk Management Consultants are available to evaluate your workstations and recommend solutions some of which are simple and surprisingly cost effective.

    Law Enforcement Consulting Services

    Primex3 provides professional consulting services to Law Enforcement and Corrections members to assist with strategic issues. Whether this involves an organizational risk assessment, promotional process assistance, employment consulting or other risk management concerns, Primex3 is equipped to provide consulting services to NH Law Enforcement on these and other matters. We also provide consultation on matters involving the use of force, risk and loss management, facility planning and specific policy concerns.

    Our team stands ready to offer advice and recommendations to help members resolve their issues or to provide guidance as necessary. In addition, specific training opportunities are available for Law Enforcement including our DrivingForce™ Simulator.

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  • Legal and HR Services

    Primex3 Legal and HR Services is a loss prevention group that combines our existing consulting capacity with additional legal support to assist with the workplace challenges of our membership. This group will continue our longstanding commitment, and the hard work of many dedicated staff, to control the pool’s employment practice coverage liability.

    Legal and HR Services will work directly with member’s management, attorneys and other representatives to assist with HR best practices and legal loss prevention. When issues implicate management practices, training needs, risk management, member service needs, or claims management considerations, the group will integrate in-house expertise to recommend a collaborative, multi-disciplinary solution. Our work is focused on the pool’s insured risk and will not replace the comprehensive services members should be receiving from their local legal counsel, a resource we strongly recommend and work with regularly so that coverage and local considerations are addressed in a coordinated manner.

    Legal and HR Services will also continue Primex3’s efforts to be helpful in other areas, such as reviewing the insurance related sections of member contracts, reviewing premises liability issues, reviewing general liability matters, providing helpful tools and resources to members, and supporting education and training initiatives.

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