File any claim using the Primex3 website 

Whether it’s Workers’ Compensation, Property or Liability, or a Special Education Claim, the Primex³ website is a convenient portal our members use to file claims. The website simplifies – and takes a little bit of the worry – out of the claims filing process.

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Frequently Asked Questions when filing a claim

1. How do I get started on the website to file a claim?

To help you login the first time, we created the Frequently Asked Questions section. Please review these questions first, then log in to access your own personal dashboard with all the resources you need, including filing a claim.

2. How do I….

File a Claim? – Review the instructions we prepared and follow the instructions to log in the first time. If you currently file claims, you will see that module in your dashboard once you are logged in.

Request Certificates of Coverage? – Review the instructions to log in the first time. If you currently access P³, you will see that module in your dashboard and the certificate of coverage requests are under the Property & Liability tab. If you do not have access to P³ and want to request certificates of coverage, please call Amy at 1-800-698-2364 x136.

Request coverage through Tenant User Liability Program (TULIP)? – The information and link to this program will be in the “Resources” module in your dashboard if you have access to P³.

You can also access the link for TULIP coverage directly or send to those using your facility.

Enter your venue ID Code, or Type the word “Primex” in the search and then use the drop-down list by clicking the arrow to select your entity’s name.

By selecting your organization this way, it pre-fills your member address, and then you can enter information regarding the facility’s specific event.

If you have any questions with this process, please call Amy at 1-800-698-2364 x136. 

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