May. 18, 2020

9:00am - 3:00pm

Mount Washington Resort

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 A light breakfast and lunch will be served.

Explore the 7 elements of Organizational Resilience and establish your baseline “OR Score” in order to build resiliency strategies into your culture and planning.

This session is ideal for: 

  • Organizations or teams under constant stress or change 
  • Organizations or team that experience significant or instability or unpredictability due to market, industry, or leadership shifts 
  • Team or groups of individuals that are in high-risk, high pressure functions within the organization

Think about the human body: the ultimate example of organizational resilience. It is masterful in these three capabilities: 

  • The structure is designed absorb the constant stress of gravity and contact with the environment. It allows us to movement. 
  •  When dramatically stressed or injured it shuts down or mutes some systems and amps up others to preserve the whole. 
  •  It has the power to heal.

And most amazing is that these capabilities are both automatic and built-in.

Resilient organizations also have the automatic and built-in characteristics so that when life shows up, they are ready for whatever the moment brings. 

This workshop both introduces you to what makes an organization resilient and provides a short assessment to benchmark your current state. With this guidance an organization or the teams within it, have a clear direction for building key strengths. 

Learn How To: 

  • Define Organizational Resilience 
  • Recognize the responses to Disruption 
  • Gain strategies managing Disruption 
  • Leverage the 7 Elements of Organizational Resilience for realizing the healthy, sustainable outcomes
  • tierah chorba

    Tierah L. Chorba

    Tierah Chorba is an award-winning facilitator and leader, garnering multiple honors for the results achieved through her leadership and her ongoing contribution to the field. Leveraging her depth in training as well as facilitation, Ms. Chorba consistently delivers comprehensive solutions that address the needs of the entire system rather that just treating a symptom within it. The results are sustainable, scalable, meaningful growth in individuals and elevated performance throughout the organization. Recognizing limitations within traditional planning, process and performance improvement models, that were too cumbersome to implement or too complex for inexperienced teams to engage, Ms. Chorba is the developer of multiple methodologies, interventions and courses to leverage the strengths resident within an organization and guide it members beyond the limitations of ineffective or inappropriate system components or behaviors. Among other awards, Ms. Chorba’s is a two-time honoree of the Gold Impact Award from the International Association of Facilitators, and Facilitator of the Year Award in 2013 from the South Eastern Association of Facilitators.



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