Jun. 13, 2024

9:00am - 12:00pm

Primex, 46 Donovan Street, Concord, NH

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Vehicle crashes continue to be recognized as serious workplace events. This training is an opportunity for drivers to brush up on important concepts behind the wheel.

Through class discussion, activities, and exercises, this training will highlight key concepts in vehicle collision avoidance including:

  • Proper backing techniques
  • Proper braking techniques
  • Proper following distances
  • Steering through Intersections
  • Distracted Driving and its impacts
  • Blind Spot awareness
  • Passive and active safety devices

Note: A portion of this class will involve a hands-on demonstration/exercise in an outdoor setting with vehicles.

Target Audience: Anyone who operates a vehicle, with the exception of commercial vehicles (i.e. dump trucks, fire trucks), as part of their daily activities.

  • bob barry2

    Bob Barry

    Bob Barry, Risk Management Consultant, joined Primex3 in 2011 as an Education and Training Consultant focusing on the Law Enforcement and Corrections membership of the Primex3 pools. Prior to joining the Primex3 team, Bob was the Police Chief for the City of Concord, a position that he held for over four years. Bob brings a total of more than twenty-five years of law enforcement experience to Primex3

    In his current role as a Risk Management Consultant, Bob continues to focus on providing consulting services to the Law Enforcement community along with Risk Management and training services to all Primex3 members. Bob is the assigned Risk Management Consultant for all County Members as well as for municipalities in Belknap and Sullivan Counties.

  • rick alpers

    Rick Alpers

    Rick Alpers, Risk Services Consultant, is a graduate of Plymouth State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management and a minor in history. Prior to joining the Primex3 team, he was a former Town Administrator and is a former member of the Board of Selectmen in Bristol, NH. In his current role as Risk Services Consultant, Rick is responsible for providing exceptional customer service to Primex3 members. In that capacity, he conducts regular onsite trainings and assists in various risk management inspections for members. He also assists members in team building, goal setting, mission and vision crafting and behavioral assessments. Lastly, Rick is the facility coordinator for the Primex building in Concord.  



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