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Program Description:

This Pre-Recorded webinar is  designed to highlight key concepts in vehicle collision avoidance.  Vehicle crashes continue to be recognized as serious workplace events and this program is a chance for drivers to brush up on important concepts behind the wheel, including; braking, backing, following, steering and the use of seat belts. 



  1. Identify 3 good driving habits. 
  2. Assess the needs and techniques for proper backing.  Backing accidents are the most common but the most preventable of all vehicle accidents.
  3. Highlight the importance of proper following distance and its effect on collision avoidance.
  4. Emphasize the importance of steering in collision avoidance particularly in intersections, the most serious of all crashes.
  5. Discuss how seatbelts work and their role in collision avoidance. 
  6. Explain the different types of distracted driving and how they impact a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
  7. Discuss how drowsiness and fatigue negatively impact a driver’s ability to react to potential hazards while operating a vehicle.


Target Audience:  Anyone who operates a vehicle, with the exception of commercial vehicles (i.e. dump trucks, fire trucks), as part of their daily activities. 


 Duration: 60 minutes



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