Mar. 7, 2019

9:00am - 12:00pm

Primex Training Facility

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When was the last time your executive management team rehearsed its crisis response plans? Is your team clear on your internal process and what their assigned roles would be? What happens when several seemingly unrelated cyberattacks cause major infrastructure problems in your city, town, county and school district? Actions taken during the first few hours are crucial. Early testing and validation of your plan is a key component to the business continuity and crisis management program.

This is a three-hour scenario-based cyber security exercise where all participants are given key roles in the decision-making process during several events leading to a major crisis. You’ll be presented digital forensic evidence from law enforcement sources including global response units overseas. Phishing scams, crypto locker and several malware enabled attacks will occur on your network and throughout the city. You’ll experience briefings, press interviews, and watch national news reporting on your ability to react and recover from these events.

Those in executive management are encouraged to attend.

There are no technical skills required to participate in this training.

  • Joe Provost

    Joe Provost

    Joe is an Offensive Cyber Security professional with more than twenty five years of experience in government high-tech and private sector research. Joe has crafted a deep technical base of experience: first as an Army Warrant Officer in various roles including offensive cyber operations with the Army Network Warfare Battalion and second in private R&D at Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Lincoln Laboratory. Joe has held escalating positions in network engineering, network exploitation and forensics, and Senior Management roles.

    His company, SYNCSTATE, Inc., specializes in offensive cyber intelligence collection and analysis, forensic recovery, and penetration testing. These special skills provide deep insight in locating and engaging the adversaries across the Internet.

    Joe has a Masters of Science in Cyber Security specializing in Intelligence from Utica College.



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