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Pre-recorded Navigating Covid Fatigue webinar 

2020 turned our lives upside down!

Between COVID and its consequences, division within our country, hate, and civil unrest, many of us ended up stressed out, burnt out, overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. Additionally, none of us knows when this will all end. This creates trepidation about the future and fear we will never get back to the old “normal” that we were all used to. 

This new reality has led us to COVID fatigue, zoom fatigue, increased stress, overwhelm, isolation, and limited our ability to travel and connect with others. 

In this workshop we will explore the origins of these fatigues and how to overcome them, dive into how our basic human needs are unable to be met in this time and what to do about it, describe the tools, strategies and tips you can use to cope with overwhelm, better manage stress and burnout, and reduce your anxiety and depression.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a webinar. You will need internet and sound to view this training, no video required. 




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