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The Playground Safety webinar is an interactive program aimed at helping public entities proactively identify and correct hazards present on playgrounds in order to prevent injuries to children in our schools and communities and staff. The program provides an overview of common playground injuries and equipment-related hazards, so that staff understands the importance of appropriate surfacing material and safe play equipment. Emphasis is also placed on providing appropriate supervision. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify standards applicable to public playgrounds
  • Develop hazard recognition skills
  • Promote safety within your organization
  • Identify common causes of injury
  • Recognize the importance of supervision

Who Should Attend: Playground monitors, teachers, principals, maintenance/custodial staff, recreation department staff, or any other staff responsible for maintaining playgrounds, supervising play on playground structures, or involved in budgeting and planning for play elements and surfacing material. 



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