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Anyone who has tried to implement the CIS Controls v8 knows there are challenges and obstacles in doing so. Should you proceed in order? What if you aren’t able to complete a particular control group? What if you encounter a technical problem?

Jason Sgro, Senior Partner with The ATOM Group, believes that implementation of the CIS controls is an important step in making your organization more secure, regardless of the order. Join us to learn his preferences, recommendations, and guidance to be shared with local government IT directors, IT staff, and managed service providers.

  • Jason Sgro

    Jason Sgro

    For the last twenty years, Jason has been an international speaker and servant of leadership at the intersection of humanity and the technology we trust. Skyward, he has inscribed nearly 2 million miles of vapor trails, mechanical energy exhausted on flights to one-third of the world's countries.

    Jason currently serves as Sr. Partner and Chief Strategist for ATOM, a software development and cybersecurity agency in Portsmouth, NH. Jason has spent the last decade consulting in the healthcare space and served as the Sr. Advisor for cybersecurity to the New Hampshire State Legislature and the Validation Institute, an independent company validating medical claims throughout the United States. Previously, Jason spent nearly 10 years working for Hewlett-Packard and FCI serving both the private and public sectors. In 2018 he founded the Build for Trust Organization, a not-for-profit which specializes in educating leaders about the social responsibility of security by design.



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