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NOTE: This course has replaced the following courses:

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers
  • Preventing Unlawful Retaliation in the Workplace
  • Preventing Unlawful Workplace Harassment: Employee Edition
  • Preventing Unlawful Workplace Harassment: Manager Edition
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention: Managers and Supervisor Edition
  • Understanding Sexual Harassment

Sexual and other harassment directed toward protected classes, such as gender, race, and age continue to hurt organizations. This illegal conduct leaves emotional and psychological scars on targeted employees. Further, it hurts overall team morale, productivity, collaboration, and other important objectives for a constructive workplace. Even perpetrators may not appreciate the risks they take when engaging in this conduct. A workplace that allows—and also encourages—this improper conduct cannot expect employees to do their best work. This scenario-led training offers strategies for preventing unlawful harassment and helps employees and managers understand how to respond appropriately if they witness or learn about this conduct.

Course Duration: 60 minutes




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