Nov. 28, 2023

9:00am - 3:00pm

Primex, 46 Donovan Street, Concord, NH

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This program defines what it takes to make a successful transition from “line employee” to supervisor, and candidly examines your readiness to become a supervisor. You’ll complete pre-program assignments which will get you thinking about why you want to be a supervisor, what to expect when making the move from the line, and the human factors you bring to the position.

Discussions and exercises will provide an honest insight into the realities and challenges associated with becoming a supervisor; mistakes new supervisors often make; and a clear view of what your first year in a supervisory position will look like. This program will not only provide you with the information and strategy needed to make a successful transition but with the encouragement to do so.

Learning objectives of this session are:

- Identify your behavior, leadership, communication styles and driving forces
- Acknowledge the link between your behaviors and the impact it has in the workplace
- Analyze your motivation and evaluate your ability to be a successful supervisor
- Recognize the critical shift in thinking that must occur in becoming a successful supervisor
- Employ actions to help make a smooth transition to supervisor

Pre-assignment: Each participant will be required to complete an online DISC behavioral assessment tool prior to the first session. DISC is the most widely used behavioral assessment tool, adopted by organizations around the world to improve teamwork and understand different communication styles.

A light breakfast and lunch are provided.


CEUs: 0.6 CEUs will be awarded upon successful completion of this program.


  • Carl Weber

    Carl Weber

    Carl Weber, Director of Member Services, is responsible for member account development, member growth, stability forecasts, strategic positioning, and management of the Member Services Department. Carl has worked in local government for more than ten years, most recently as the Town Administrator of Amherst, NH. Once upon a time he was a search-and-rescue swimmer for the US Navy. Carl holds Bachelors' Degrees in Political Science and Community Development and a Master's Degree in Public Policy. Carl is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) and Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA). Carl regularly teaches on human factors and the relationship of behavior and leadership styles, as well as motivation, coaching, leadership challenges, team building, and failing as a leader. He has a passion to help leaders in their lifelong journey to finish well, to combat and work with their inner voice, and to live a meaningful story worth reading.  

  • Haley Dow

  • Nick Manolis

    Nick Manolis

    Nick Manolis has spent his career in a wide variety of senior management and consulting roles in the private, public and non-profit sectors focusing on human resource management, training, development and facilitation. Most recently, Nick served as Vice President of Human Resource Development for Associated Grocers of New England. Nick has been engaged in providing training and development services to health care, government, food service, manufacturing, distribution and educational organizations. The principle that “helping organizations develop and grow by helping employees develop and grow” fuels Nick’s passion and guides his work.



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