Sep. 16, 2020

12:30pm - 4:00pm

Hawthorne-Feather Airpark - Deering NH

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CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED: No more than 9 students

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Police, EMS, Fire Personnel, and DPW Drivers are eligible to attend.

This hands-on driving program will show you a wide range of simple but effective driving techniques that could save you or one of your co-workers from injury or death. Each participant will learn the limits of the vehicle, secrets of steering, braking, and handling, and how to avoid a variety of everyday driving hazards. The Stevens’ goal is simply to teach clients how to access their car’s full potential for accident avoidance, and to anticipate and respond to emergency situations. The end result is an advanced driver training course that people love to attend while at the same time minimizing downtime caused by accident repairs, and most importantly keeping your work force safe.

Program Logistics: ƒ

  • Primex will require attendees to complete a health screening questionnaire prior to arrival. A satisfactory questionnaire will serve as admittance to the program on arrival of the student. ƒ
  • Primex will provide disposable surgical style masks for students if they do not have their own. ƒ
  • There will be no lunch or refreshments beyond bottled water that Primex will make available ƒ
  • The inside of the training unit (trailer) will not be used, all students will remain outside under the awning or other provided canopies. ƒƒ
  • Students will be assigned to a training car/sedan for the day and will also be assigned to one specific instructor. There will be no more than 3 students assigned per car. 
  • At no time shall there be more than one student and one instructor in the car (1:1 ratio). All students and staff will wear disposable surgical mask or other appropriate face covering.
  • Car contact points (steering wheel, shift lever, wiper controls, door handles) will be sanitized by Stevens ADT staff between student activities and more thoroughly cleaned between the morning and afternoon training cohorts.



As an IACET Accredited Provider, Primex3 offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET standard.

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